The Baltimore Community Support Program is a new program aimed at aiding and supporting the Baltimore Community. 


The Baltimore Community Support Program supports citizens, community organizations, local businesses, and law enforcement organizations by providing analysis services of available imagery to help solve a wide range of community problems.  We aim to provide information to help reduce crime, limit dumping, reduce auto thefts and a wide range of other community problems that make it difficult and often unpleasant to live work and play in our community. 


Our vision is a safer, happier, and more enjoyable Baltimore.  We hope to contribute to a safe environment and a respectful community where people feel safe to live, work and play. 




The Community Support Program supports Baltimore by providing analytical services of available camera imagery to help deter and solve community-based crime.  Baltimore has a wide range of available imagery and has been a leader in providing innovative ways to reduce crime.  Baltimore, in addition to all major US cities, face a significant problem with crime in our neighborhoods.  This crime impacts all citizens in the area drives away businesses and makes our community less safe and enjoyable.  Reducing crime will benefit all citizens of Baltimore by reducing the negative impact on our citizens, raise property values, and increase economic activity.   Reducing crime will also help lower the tensions and make Baltimore a safer and more enjoyable place to live.


The Community Support Program assists lowering the rate of crime by assisting with the analysis of camera data and providing information to those working to solve crime.  Baltimore has hundreds of police cameras and many other cameras that can provide useful data to help deter and solve crime.  The Community Support Program assists in analyzing camera data to help solve crime and in turn help deter criminals from committing crime.  We aim to support the citizens who are the victims of these actions.